Saturday, 15 November 2014


Well I highly doubt anyone misses me or reads me regularly. However, I am going to add a few interesting facts about the last few months for my own sake.

I sorta have a new computer. Its my mom's old Toshiba, she didn't see the point in me buying a new one when she doesn't use her's. She was nice enough to give it to me, but I've been having to buy new programs and updates since it's like 10 years old. I have been using my Ipad to access the internet for almost a year, but can't really blog on it. Not sure what the deal is with that, something about the blogger app doesn't jive well with posting. IDK!

My Blackberry finally died. Ugg, so I got an Iphone and have actually been enjoying it. Facetime is awesome, I also love that I have free texting to America and throughout Canada. I even joined Instagram. Well I joined it when I got my Ipad but never used it for obvious reasons. I never carry it around with me, but I carry my phone. So I just added an instragram button on my sidebar.
I have watched tons of TV series that I haven't mentioned or posted about. The top two I spent the summer watching. 
Veronica Mars

Love this show and I mean LOVE. I was so happy that I discovered a movie was released this spring cause it really ended crappy. I hate that. It has been my experience that a lot of really great shows get cancelled because they're not really accessible to everyone. I didn't even know about this show when it was airing.


Love it. I have never watched it because horror films scare me and give me nightmares so I thought that this show would. And it did, so it took me a little while to get into the first season. I soon realized watching it alone, not a good idea. Or watching it at night, also a bad idea. My sisters got into it with me. So that helped. I love the dynamic between Dean and Sam. I also love the introduction of Cass and Crowley. 

Freaks and Geeks

I kinda get why it was cancelled, how many shows about teenage annexed can you watch. I liked it, but it only lasted one season so I didn't even have the opportunity to love it. What is so cool about this show, is that so many of the big actors you see in TV and Movies now started on this show, which I think is cool. Not just the main characters, some only had a single appearance.

I also just finished watching the BBC three episode mini series Death at Pemberly. I really liked it. A little different but fun.

I have been to three concerts I haven't blogged about. Michale Bubble, Cher, and Christina Perri. I will upload slideshows for both I think. In the next few weeks. 

I went on my annual spring vacation for two weeks in the middle of May to Vancouver, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Which I will post briefly about in the next few days and I will add a few pictures. I also went back to Vancouver to visit with my cousin for a week at the end of September. While there, we were able to catch the filming of Once Upon a Time in Steveston, which is the town they use as Storeybrooke. I will also post about that in the future and probably upload a slideshow. Those are the biggest things that have happened in the 6 months or so.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Drop Dead Diva- Return Button

I just recently started watching this series, because my cousin said that it was really good and that the girl reminded her of me. It is really cute and I've really enjoyed it so far. I just finished episode 8 of season 1 and there was this awesome line that I have to remember. 

"You know, people say life is precious, but unless they've been on that elevator in the sky and watched the gate keeper push the return button. They don't know what there talking about."

Wow, it's SO TRUE! I've spent the last two years wondering why my metaphoric "return button" was pushed. Of course I realize this is just a television show (I'm not that crazy), but I wondered why I've been so miserable and the two characters in this episode were so happy. All I know is, that it struck a cord inside my head or in my heart and I desperately need to start living my life instead of just existing. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Christina Perri Quote I Love

"It's sometimes easier to hide behind someone else's career, because it's really scary to do what you love a lot of the times. Which is maybe why it's obvious of what you should do. If you're afraid or if it makes you anxious, it's probably a good thing, but at first you may be afraid to do it. And so for me, that's what happened. For a long time, I was always distracted by everything else. Then finally it's kinda when I broke free from the shadows or behind someone else, and then all of a sudden I blossomed into my own life."-Christina Perri (Part 4 interview with face

"...I didn't lay awake at night and dream about this. I was just to afraid and that's the truth...So I want you to know, If there is something inside you that your afraid of, I dare you to do it..."- Head of Heart Tour