Friday, 19 December 2014

Spring Vacation Part Four and 2nd Trip to B.C in October- Twilight Movie Locations and Once Upon A Time

When our aunt and cousin picked us up in Bellingham, we decided to stay a couple days with them in Surrey before driving home. Sasha (our cousin) wanted to do the Twilight stuff with us, but was unable to meet with us because of her daughter Eliana. So we told her to look up Once Upon A Time filming locations that she really wanted to see, so we could do those as well as the few Twilight locations in Vancouver.
We found quite a few cool places and had a great time driving around, talking, laughing, and enjoying each others company. We really only gave ourselves one day to drive back before having to work again, but it was so worth it. All movie screen caps came from the previous link Screencaps.

Twilight Film Locations in B.C.

Jacob Blacks Home. Victoria Dr and Quarry Road Coquitlam, BC. It's literally right on the corner of the two streets.

Bella Swans House. Near 28th Ave Surrey, BC (Internet says #184, but it's actually a park with no numbers). They built a replica in Keery Park and tore it down when they finished filming. I was able to find some photos when it was being built. Follow links for more photos.
Movie Theatre and Alley in New Moon. The Paramount Theatre 652 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC.
Port Angeles Docks in Eclipse. Where Victoria hunted and killed Riley.  Filmed at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. 12138 Fourth Avenue in Richmond, British Columbia.

Blue Water Cafe. York Town Vancouver. We happened to drop Leah off at a Stanley Park for a date, so we decided to check it out. Apparently, I learned later, that this is where they had the New Moon/ Eclipse cast and crew party. It's basically a posh sea food place, good but quite pricey. I'd rather stick to the best sushi I've ever had, in Surrey, and it's way better and cheaper!
A bunch of random dumpsters we thought were funny

When we went to Steveston (Richmond) B.C (a.k.a Storeybrooke), we were told by several store owners that they don't usually start filming Once Upon a Time until August. We all thought it would be fun to try and make it there on a day they were filming and changed all the store signs. Sasha was leaving in a few weeks, but said they were heading back to Surrey in September for three months and that we should try and come out. When we left we basically planned to come back for October.

Jumping ahead a few months now. Leah, one of our other sisters, decided she wanted to come with us this time because she was jealous of all our pictures. So in the middle of October, we went back for a week. I've decided to include all the pictures we took of Once Upon a Time film locations and during filming in one post, to follow later.
We had great fun the second time around. We took Leah to most of the locations we had already been too and a few we missed. As you can see above, she did want to see Jacob's house. We were lucky when we took her to Steveston, we heard from several people they were building a set and were going to be filming in a few days. YVR shoots, was pretty helpful So we made plans to be there for it.
We went down early around 7 a.m. on Mon or Tue I think and sure enough all the trucks were there and they were all set up. We stayed all day, it was miserable because it basically rained all day. They didn't start filming till 9 a.m. and around that time it started to rain (they were filming parts of episode seven). It rained all day and we were all herded together to watch from a distance, that you really couldn't see anything from. There was about thirty of us that stayed throughout the day, but as the day got closer to ending more people would show up.
ABC teaser add screencap from this episode
The boy who plays Henry missed the van that came to pick them up for lunch around 1 p.m. So he did some autographs at the end of the street (about a block away from where we were suppose to be standing). Sasha was really pissed about that. We were listening and obeying all the rules, which were basically no photos while rolling, no talking while rolling, staying behind the barricades, and listening/respecting the TV assistant that was in charge of us. So the fact that he did autographs down there bothered her because I think she felt snubbed. She didn't care much for the rules after that, as long as she wasn't in the shot she felt she should be able to stand wherever she wanted. Which I totally got. But it wasn't the only time it happened. The girl that plays Belle, walked over to us after we had been moved across the street. It was between 4- 5 p.m. so there were a lot more people now. We were on a corner of the street in front of the auto body shop and the barricades hadn't been put along the right side of the sidewalk, just in the front of people looking towards the Sheriff department. She approached from the right, as if coming from the library. As soon as she started walking over, people swarmed her and came at her in the road as she was crossing the street. She did only a few autographs and left. Which I don't blame her, they were all crazy teenagers, hysterical and scary. Crew were yelling at us and her body guards whisked her away. It was totally crazy.

Needless to say, Sasha felt like the whole day was a waste because we didn't get a single autograph. This is what I was afraid of, if you go with specific expectations and they aren't met, then you feel let down (very similar to the New Moon Premiere and what we experienced with Brandee). I didn't go with the intention of getting autographs, although it would have been really nice and I would have really liked to have gotten some. I went because, I thought it would be fun to see how a TV show was filmed and maybe see the actors, which  I did and thought everyone was doing the same. We had a whole conversation about it, but when your there and waiting all day I understand where she was coming from.
It wrapped around 7:30 p.m after filming a few more scenes. In the car on the way to Surrey, I tried to lighten the mood as they all seemed to be upset about the day. I just said that I was a little disappointed too, but that we had to try and put ourselves in their shoes. They were probably cold, wet, tired from working all day, and didn't want to get sick by standing in the rain any more doing autographs. I wouldn't want to if it were me. We had to try to focus on the fact that we got to see so many of them actually filming and be grateful we had the opportunity. How many people can say they watched a TV show filming? It seemed to work. We bought a ton of sushi to go from our favourite place in Surrey, went back to my aunts house, and after eating we were all Happy Happy Happy!